Why is this happening again?

The Forest Service asked for our input a while back. Based on the input they received from us and other user groups, they have put together 4 alternatives. There’s only one alternative that is acceptable to us and that’s Alternative 4. Read about the alternatives and let the Forest Service know what YOU think is acceptable.

Below are the 4 alternatives — read and comment!

Please read the summarized info under each for a quick overview. Then please read the in-depth info that Sierra Snowmobile Foundation has put together here, and please send in your comments why you support what’s presented in Alternative 4 and also why you don’t support what’s presented in other alternatives. The Forest Service is looking for your personal input, not just a “blanket comment” on both “why” and “why not.”

There is ANOTHER scoping proposal coming our way shortly that is in regards to the Lake Tahoe Basin OSV. Please check in often on this site as well as our FB pages so you know when your comments are needed for that process. Rumors has it that Hell Hole is among the areas proposed to be closed. Let’s make sure we don’t lose any more areas locally!

Alternative 1 — MAYBE

Like it is right now. Nothing added, nothing removed.

This would only be and option IF we can’t push Alternative 4 through.

Maybe… if we don’t win with Alternative 4.

Alternative 2 — NO

Forest Service preferred alternative. Same areas as now BUT adding corridors around PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) and designated PCT crossings. This would be devastating as it would essentially remove one of our most beloved areas — Lost Lakes — above Polaris Bowl in the Blue Lakes’ area. Another PCT crossing would be added in the Blackwood Canyon area resulting in congestion and limited accessibility there too.


Alternative 3 — HELL NO!

The cross-country skiers preferred alternative. Would make it illegal to snowmobile in almost 75% of our existing riding areas.


Alternative 4 — YES!

This is the only alternative that ADDS riding areas — mainly around Tragedy Springs, Silver Lake and Kirkwood. One area is removed but people familiar with that area says it’s lower elevation and not a sledding area anyway.


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Sierra Snowmobile Foundation


The Forest Service, has just released 4 proposed alternatives in regards to snowmobile (OSV) access to our riding areas in the Eldorado National Forest. This — once again — has opened up the floor for the “anti-access groups” to suggest serious access limitations for snowmobiles. In short, they don’t want us out there at all pretty much. And this time, the Forest Service’s own “Preferred Alternative” is NOT something we can accept at all.

So please, educate yourself — if you do, you will most likely see that the only acceptable alternative for us sledders is Alternative 4 — which actually ADDS some new areas for us to ride — but don’t stop there, you also need to tell the FS why the other proposed alternatives are NOT acceptable! The more you explain from your point of view, the more valuable your comment is in this process.

If we do nothing, we will end up with NOTHING!

We think it’s time to unite again and be on the same page — this website is one of our platforms to spread information and help suggest what you can do to make sure we all get heard.

Please understand that this website is maintained on a volunteer basis. If you have corrections to existing information or new important information If you have information you want to share with us all, please post on our Facebook page and we may post on this website as well.

Fight for your right to ride!