Corona help


These are not easy times for most of us. So what can I do to help your business and hopefully make your day just a little bit easier?

If you have any information you need posted on your website (or a flyer that you get printed) — Coronavirus related — perhaps temporary change in business hours, closure info, take-out info, take-out menu, contact numbers — anything! I will get it on your website for you at no cost to you (provided that I have/get access to your website).

You have up to one hour of my time for free to help your business through this (first come, first serve in case I run out of daylight or WiFi). 

Only related to what’s going on right now, please. If you need any other services from me that are not related to this, good for you! And good for me because I too have a mortgage.

Please email me and let me know what you need and I’ll do my best to help out!

Stay safe & stay healthy 😉

Hanna Bernard

South Lake Tahoe

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