Pacific Crest Gallery’s website

1st Draft — home page

Design notes — top to bottom:

  1. Sun art will be replaced with actual logo
  2. Big photo/text is a slideshow of images with unique text for each image. Can be used for specials, seasonal, featured, etc. Links to product’s page.
  3. Three center blocks. Content is just suggestion. You decide what goes here.
  4. Four footer blocks. Content is just suggestion. These four blocks can be used as needed.


About HighmarkDesigns

Hanna Bernard – Graphic Designer: After almost ten successful years in Sweden, Hanna moved to the Bay Area/Silicon Valley and took her company with her. In the Bay Area, she had the pleasure to work on several projects for some of the biggest, most well-known high-tech players in the Silicon Valley such as Sun Microsystems, Cisco Systems, Siemens, Baan, UC Berkeley, and Netscape, among others.
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