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Please note that your comments are in regards to the Eldorado National Forest OSV Designation DEIS (OVS = Over Snow Vehicles, DEIS = Draft Environmental Impact Statement)

Please use your own wording and include some of your own thoughts on why Alternative 4 is your choice. And why the other Alternatives aren’t. Please read up on the alternatives before supporting Alternative 4. There are plenty of links on this website to the materials that the Forest Service has provided.

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Remember, we are providing our input — constructive comments are important. Negative, explicit, derogative, etc. comments will most likely be disregarded.

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The Forest Service will consolidate all incoming comments before putting together a plan. Just like in the past, our input really will matter!

If you don’t send in your comments, the FS won’t know where the snowmobiling community stands and your comments may not be included when the plan for our future riding areas is put together.

Please let the Forest Service know that you think no later than August 6, 2018!

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